Sweep Accounts

Sweep Accounts allow customers to effortlessly transfer money between Checking Accounts and their Savings or Money Market Accounts. Sweeps are a free service for Clarkston State Bank customers. Sweeps out of a Savings Account are limited to 6 per month in order to comply with Regulation D.

How Sweep Accounts Work

  • Customers set a minimum balance or “Target Balance” for the primary account.
  • Money is swept from the secondary account at night to maintain the “Target Balance” in the primary account as needed.

Benefits of Sweep Accounts

  • Money can be swept out of a non-interest bearing account into an interest bearing account.
  • This allows the customer to maximize their money and earn the greatest possible interest.
  • Sweep can also help avoid overdraft fees by sweeping back into the checking account if it is drawn into the negative.

Please visit one of our branches to set up your sweep account service.