Enjoy access to your checking account funds 24/7 with a MasterCard® Debit Card from Clarkston State Bank. Use your card to make purchases at retail locations displaying the MasterCard logo, or check balances and make withdrawals at an ATM.

Debit Cards Issued Instantly

Is your debit card lost or damaged, and you need a replacement quickly? We can provide you the convenience of printing a new card for you at one of our branches. Call us ahead of time at 248-625-8585, and we can have it ready for you when you arrive.

Fee Free ATMs

Experience another level of convenience through the use of Comerica ATMs without pesky, foreign ATM fees. We have expanded our service area from the Clarkston and Waterford areas to select locations all over Michigan, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. Check out all of the Fee Free ATM locations on the Clarkston State Bank Mobile Banking App.

Debit Card Security

Our MasterCard Debit Cards are equipped with chip technology providing protection from unauthorized use. When used at a terminal that is enabled to use chip technology the transaction is encrypted to safeguard your card and the information attached to it from being used by fraudsters.

We prioritize the safety and security of your checking account at Clarkston State Bank. To guard against potential fraudulent activity, we have blocked all transactions routed through Texas and transactions over $100 routed through California and New York. Only PIN transactions are allowed outside of the United States using your Clarkston State Bank MasterCard Debit Card.

If at any time you notice fraudulent activity on your debit card, please contact our Fraud Center at 1-888-297-3416.

Clarkston State Bank MasterCard Debit Card Benefits

With our MasterCard Debit Card, you may receive additional protections on purchases including ID Theft Protection, Extended Warranties, Price Protection, and Airport Concierge. Visit www.mycardbenefits.com for more information or to file a claim under these benefits.