Vault Services

Intelligent Cash Protection & Management

Clarkston State Bank offers cash-intensive businesses a secure, intelligent way to safely and efficiently manage, protect and transport on-premise cash through our Vault Services partnership with Smart-Safes.

Smart-Safes Business Benefits

How Can Smart-Safes Help My Business?

  • Smart-Safes have the potential to save your business time and money while also increasing overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Smart-Safes have amazing security features, built in counterfeit detection, and ease of use and configuration.
  • Smart-Safes are the ideal option for any business that wants to streamline its cash management system regardless of size or industry.
  • Smart-Safes provide managers and owners with data and service integration to run their business efficiently
  • Integrated with Armored Car Services for secure pickup of cash
  • Clarkston State Bank can create a customized pricing package to fit your business model with financing available

Smart-Safes Security

Theft Prevention

  • No employee access to cash – a significant burglar deterrent
  • Pry resistant doors
  • Anti-lock drilling features
  • Locking bolt reinforcement
  • High security locks and keys
  • Armored carrier pick-ups so your employees will not have to leave to take a deposit to the bank

Counterfeit Detection

  • Use near your point-of-sale to validate notes as received from the customer immediately
  • Trusted by banks and armored car services to authoritatively validate notes
  • Greater protection than UV lights or counterfeit pens

Real-Time Visibility of Cash Status

Provisional Credit

  • Credit is provided into your account the day after a vault drop
  • Web portal tools to view real-time cash status on your computer
  • Ability to monitor safes simultaneously, and across multiple locations
  • Date breakdown by employee, shift, or transaction type

Managerial Time

Save Time & Increase Efficiency

  • Managers can spend less time verifying money-counts, register closeouts, and pursuing cash management errors. The extra time can be spend on profit generating store activities.

If you are interested in learning how Smart-Safes can make your cash management more secure and efficient, please call us at (248) 625-8585 or visit one of our branches. You will also need to complete and sign our Vault Services Agreement.

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