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Testimonial from Dr. Wilde

In 2007 when I needed financing for my new professional building I had 3 banks very interested in administering the loan.  One of those banks was Clarkston State Bank.  Although the basic terms of all three loans were similar, Clarkston State Bank went out of their way to be flexible with me and listen to my concerns. Everyone there was friendly and genuinely interested in obtaining me as a client. Clarkston State Bank fine-tuned their approach for my situation and made suggestions which greatly simplified the process.
Before his passing in 1977, my father was the general manager of a very large local Credit Union.  The philosophy I grew up with was one that “the customer always comes first”.  That is the same core philosophy I incorporated into my optometric practice, which has worked successfully for 30 years.  With many larger banks the process is more about what is best for their stockholders and not what is best for the customer.  You become a number and not a face.  You are at the mercy of a hierarchy that leaves your local representative powerless to make decisions which would be in your best interest.  This was the feeling I received from the other two banks.  Since this new office building was a life long dream for me, I did not want to be seen as a number.   I wanted to develop a long standing relationship with a bank that was genuinely interested in me, my business and retaining me as a long term customer.  Clarkston State Bank was that bank. They are, in every sense of the word, a community bank.  Clarkston State Bank continues to live by that philosophy, which is very apparent in their extensive local community involvement and charitable donations.
The decision was really quite simple in the end. Thank you Clarkston State Bank for making my dream come true. I know my father would be very proud of my decision.

Wayne G. Wilde, O.D., P.C.
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